Saturday, July 31, 2021

DW Smith - Voyager 3 (Beat Tape)

New Beat Tape from Cardiff based producer DW Smith entitled "Voyager 3"

DW Smith has been a mainstay in Cardiff Hip Hop for as long as anyone can remember. It’s almost as though he has been here quietly innovating for centuries. So it came as no surprise when he released the Norse inspired EP "Edda". A project so perfectly mired in Viking mythology intertwined with hip hop you would think Odin himself had crafted an MPC from goat bones and lighting bolts. Following from the exploration of the nine realms of Norse mythology though YW entered a new phase, particularly the nine planets, and the solar system they inhabit.

Which brings us to Voyager 3 influenced by cosmos and the wonders of the solar system, as well as the album Host The Planets. 

Voyager 3 is an exploration of our solar system through moody, melodic, banging Hip Hop instrumentals. A beautifully put together collection of tracks for you to bang your head to as we hurtle through space together on this giant rock.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Joe Blow & Mr Substance - Alpha Ego EP

 If you have ever peeked into the welsh hip hop scene it would be impossible to not know of Rob Picton aka Joe Blow a veteran DJ and emcee of the South Wales underground with an involvement in the music industry that spans two and a half decades. Since his earliest bookings as resident DJ at Cardiff’s legendary Hippo club when he was 16 he has not stopped creating and making waves in the South Wales DnB, jungle and hip hop scenes. Aswell as also being a founding member of the Barry based hip hop supergroup Squid Ninjaz, Joe’s skillful and confident verbal sparring with every release drawing critical acclaim and airplay from many major players on BBC Radio 1 and BBC 1Xtra such as MistaJam, Ace & Vis, Bethan Elfyn, Jen long & Adam Walton. 

Mr Substance on the other hand is somewhat of a mythological being. Highly revered as one of the greatest boom bap producers in the UK with drums to die for and a workrate that can hardly be matched. Since joining Bard Picasso Records it’s been impossible to not notice Mr Substance with releases dropping every other week constant radioplay and an evergrowing features list that’s second to none.

So when two veterans get together like this you know what comes out of the exchange is going to be worth taking notice of. And the fruits of this labour Alpha Ego is out now on Bard Picasso Records.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Frisco Booge - 100 (Single)


Frisco is dropping the next single ‘100’ from the anticipated album C.I.R.C.U.S.

It’s a return to his boombap roots with simple production that allows you to take in everything he has to say while keeping your neck snapping like you are standing in a hip hop club in 93’

It seems like Frisco has a lot to say as he alludes too with the opening line; “My minds exploding with these words I can’t write fast enough” There’s plenty of quotables here as you would expect from the veteran MC.  “I’m on my knees 2x2x3’s the fear. False events appearing real as if they here, self-isolation got me captive like I’m serving years, but I see elation in myself like internal cheers. Where everybody knows my name, but I don’t sip those beers” It’s all about the bars on this one. 

Another great example of why we are looking forward to the new album; C.I.R.C.U.S (Conditions In Reality Causing Us Stress) Out this year!   

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Nity Gritz "Hell Awaits"

Nity Gritz is an Underground Rapper / Producer from Paisley, Scotland.
Presenting his new album which is a showcase for his bold and unapologetic style and delivery. A veteran of Hip Hop in Scotland, Nity has battled up and down the country, and gigged all over the place.

All beats are produced by Nity too, This is a relatively new addition to his arsonal but he's fallen in love with the artform.

Hell Awaits was produced, written and recorded in 16 days, After his son Zak passed away he found himself questioning his own faith a lot and this album was the outcome.


Frisco Boogie "Sunset" (Single)


Frisco Boogie, formally known as 1 half of the Nottingham duo Lost Island, has been releasing music since 1993. No stranger to the spotlight Frisco has shared the stage alongside a host of artists including: Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, Jeru Da Damager, Jurassic 5, The Beatnuts, Craig G, Marley Marl, Super Natural to name a few. An advocate of the Hip Hop culture Frisco is as comfortable behind a mic and mixing desk as holding a spray can or hitting the floor at a B-Boy jam.

Now he is back after the critically acclaimed ‘Rainbows in the Rubble’ Album with a brand new single.  

SUNSET is taken from the forthcoming album C.I.R.C.U.S. An upbeat track that lightly delves into the subject matter of the needing to work hard to survive these challenging times we are currently living in.  

Blessing the production boards once again with a bouncy, flute driven beat that wouldn’t be out of place blaring out of the speakers of any respectable Hip-Hop club night. The beat keeps the show moving as lyrics entertain the audience. 

Frisco raps “Baking insomnia cakes, because staying awake is the way I be making my play until the day breaks” as if time is of the essence and not sleeping on a single minute is the way to success. Doubling up to also address the idea that being ‘Woke’ to certain situations.  

All in all the perfect introduction to the highly anticipated C.I.R.C.U.S Album (Conditions In Reality Causing Us Stress) Out this year! 

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Mike Titan x Killer Crab Men Drop “From Apokolips To New Genesis EP

New project from Mike Titan and The Killer Crab Men entitled "From Apokolips to New Genesis "

Mike Titan is a Hip Hop artist born, raised, and based in The Bronx, NYC, the birthplace of the genre. With skillfully crafted wordplay, thought provoking content, and a smooth genuine flow, Mike Titan is amongst the best of what Hip Hop has to offer.

Killer Crab Men (KCM) are a production duo hailing from North-West England.
Although they now live on seperate shores (USA & UK) their vision for creating
hard hitting sounds is still shared

They have come together for this international collaboaration putting together Mike Titan's smooth rap style with the hard hitting sound of the Killer Crab Men. From Apokolips to New Genesis takes you on a journey through hyperspace with a full flavoured Boom Bap record with an Extra Terrestrial Flava.

Available to Stream Here


Mr B - Don't Mind Me EP

 MR B hails from the spiritual Hip Hop Centre of the world of Peterborough, host of the only UK Hip Hop Boombap Festival…Although music had always been essential in his life, it wasn’t until he was 19/20 years old and realised he wanted to write and make music personally, to try and help not only himself but his compadres. B grew up listening to a wide range of music, everything from the Frank Sinatra & Sam Cooke all the way to B.I.G & 2 PAC… current artists he’s inspired by would be Eminem, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar & Wretch 32 just to name a few. MR B blesses you with the ‘Don’t Mind Me’ EP his gift to hip hop heads looking for some real music for a change. Taking it back to boom bap beats full of sick bars, humour and thought provoking statements. It’s time to stand up to bulshit. From the people that run music and the people that run countries. The EP from 4 The Culture Records will be available on the platforms below but will also be available on the labels website with a couple of bonus tracks.